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   Access to water is a human right that should
be recognized by all countries. Water is a part of a person’s life. Without
water, people could die and suffer badly; dirty water will cause dieses and
many other symptoms. If this issue is much more recognized in our society many
problems would be solved and it will create a healthy environment. 884 million
of the world doesn’t have access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion lack
access to basic sanitation, 40% of the world’s population. Regarding this issue
the United Nation aided in resolving the situations by 2030 achieve universal
and equitable to safe and affordable drinking water for all

   The water sanitation sector in the democratic
republic of Congo (DRC) suffered a great setback during the countries long
political crises through 1990s and early 2000s private sectors are working on
launching campaigns to help give water to all rural areas .Congo was working on
a foundation called  “we are water ”
thanks to this project that improved facilities and services, 20,000 people
from 30 villages could have access to clean drinking  water 
and to be independent to the threat of cholera . This campaign changed people’s
lives and now 20,000 people could have access to clean sanitation facilities. In
addition, 80% of households could use latrines and hygienic conditions that
they can be able to maintain , 60% of the population could be able to wash their
hands before meals and after using latrines , and 70% of the population could
learn about facial – oral transmission of a disease and how to purify water at

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Meanwhile ,
there was a great improvement in the democratic republic of Congo the country
held its first democratic national elections in more than 40 years .In the
first round more than 70% of registered voters participated , in the second
more than 65% participated . The election national assembly took office
September 24. In fact, the transitional government supported prosecution of
serious human rights abuses which transferred a former militia leader to
international criminal court (ICC) to face many charges for recruiting child
soldiers and the military court sentenced seven soldiers to life imprisonment
for crimes against humanity and human rights 


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