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help to save beauty, youth and health. Where to look for them? Catch the following

among berries, cranberry and black currants are valuable resources of
antioxidants. Cranberry contains a big number of antioxidants, which protect
cells from damages, brought by non-steady molecules. Black currant contains twice
as many of kalium than bananas, four times more of vitamin C than oranges has, and
twice as many as antioxidants than blueberry have.

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is a strong antioxidant, which reduces risk of heart development and some kinds
of cancer.  

clove is one of the best natural antioxidants among all the variety of spices.

plums and dried apricots are able to prevent serious diseases due to antioxidant

walnuts contain twice as many antioxidants as in any others. Besides, they
possess higher amount of energy.

antioxidants red wine, green tea and fruits contain, essentially decrease
destroying impact of the flu virus on lungs.

which is present in grapes and some berries and nuts, is able to prolong life let
alone to block inflammation and some other dangerous lumps in internal organs.



Most mood-lifting products

The following
products work as well as pills and psychotherapist!

Food for mood lifting:

Fish (spike, tuna, pilchards, trout,

Meat (red lean meat and beef

Poultry (turkey and chicken);


Dairy and cultured milk foods;

Vegetables (especially spinach,
salad, carrot, cabbage, green onion, tomatoes, sweet pepper, celery, broccoli, pees,

Fruits (especially peaches, nectarines,
pine-apples, kiwi and  citrus);

Berries (the brighter, the
better: cranberry, raspberry, currant, strawberry);



Brown rice;


Dried fruits and nuts;

Bitter chocolate.

Products helping to release from hunger


Keep in mind
this brief list:


Research has
shown that, fatty acids containing in this kind of nuts make it to where
pancreozymin hormone are produced. This hormone is responsible for sense of
fullness and regulates appetite.

Warm food

In order to get
full faster, it is enough to warm up food. It is proved that the way warm food
smells have its impact on the centers of fullness in brains and makes this
process quicker.

Green leafy vegetables

Cabbage, salad,
spinach and other vegetables contain few calories and a body spends not much of
energy for digesting.

Olive oil

Olive oil
also contains fatty acids and makes it to where you get full faster. Scientists
from Cornell University found out that people who consumed olive oil instead of
butter oil ate less and therefore consumed less calories. 

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