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          Are you thinking about your future job? Does engineering come across your mind? Well this article will tell you about you about it. You will get a good chunk of the knowledge you need. The different types of EngineersThere are many types of engineers,a lot can go under one category such as mechanical, but not all do. Some that do land in the mechanical section are, Robotics Mechanical(itself) and Aerospace.Others include Software,technicians,civil,chemical,biochemical,biomedical,hardware, nuclear and mining.However some can be very dangerous chemically and physically.Some chemically dangerous are Petroleum,Chemical,Biochemical,Mining and Nuclear.Physically dangerous can be any engineering because stuff can break and hurt you or you can get electrocuted.    Required classes you need to takeMost engineering types require Mathematics or Physics some that have both are Aerospace and Civil engineers there is a lot more.Biomedical you are required to take is Biology and Chemistry.Chemical requires Chemistry and Physics.Hardware,Computer science and Mathematics.Software,Imputed science and Mathematics.Robotics,Unified Robotics,Physics,Calculus,Computer science and industrial robotics.         Lowest Degrees to get an Engineering JobAll engineering jobs are required to have a degree.You can shoot low for a certificate or bachelor’s but I say you shot high for your master’s and doctorate degrees.If you go for that you will most likely get an engineering job.The lowest degree to get an Aerospace engineering job is a bachelor’s degree.For Biomedical engineering you need to have a bachelor’s degree or a certificate it really depends on what job you want as a biomedical engineer.Biomechanical requires a master’s degree.Automotive engineers also require a master’s degree.So shoot high for your goal and you could just make it.                                               SalarySalary is not weak for engineering it goes well into the hundred thousands for most all engineering jobs.Aerospace goes 117,680 and higher.Biomedical goes 113,590 and higher.Chemical goes 113,950 and higher.Civil goes 100,040 and higher.Environmental engineering goes 104,610 and higher.Electrical can go all the way and more to $86k.Industrial can go to $74k and higher.These are some of the really low salary of engineering so you could probably make an inferences  that it can go way higher than those salaries.                   Personal skillsAll engineering jobs include personal skills that will help with your job some skills required for the job.For Aerospace good personal skills would be Mechanical and Technical skills.Good for Biomedical are helping and Technical skills.For Chemistry is Communication and Technical.Environmental leadership and Technical.You can probably tell that engineers need technical skills.There are some skills that are required.STEM skillsAbility to work as part of a teamStrong Analytical MindAttention to DetailExcellent communication skillsDesire to learnLeadership and Management skillsSome very important skills required but some aren’t hard to have other are really hard.                                               Work EnvironmentsAll engineering jobs have a work environment.Aerospace engineers stay in mostly one location indoors.Biomedical engineers stay mostly in one location indoors.Chemical engineers stay indoors in one location.Civil engineers travel to multiple locations and are indoors and outdoors.Hardware engineers satay in one location and indoors.Mechanical engineers stay in one location and indoors at offices.       Engineering is making the world how it is.Amazing,right?Think about what engineer you would be best suited for and how you will make the world a better place.Text resources:Careers in Focus : Engineering,11.htm Picture resources:  

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