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is one of the different religions throughout the world along with Christianity,
Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. When someone is considered an atheist is because
he or she does not believe in the existence of God or divine beings. God is a
divine being who has all the power and knowledge to know what its morally
correct and good. They are millions and millions of atheists worldwide who believe
that the most reasonable statement of why they consider themselves atheist is
because there is lack of evidential support.  They believe that there is not sufficient
evidence for atheist to be certain. Many thinkers and philosophers in history
have lacked his existence. An example of such is Epicurus. He was the first
person who questioned the affinity of God with suffering. Another example was
philosopher Diagoras who was considered the pioneer atheist and he powerfully
complained about all religions and myth. They believed that the divine could
not be rational in the human intellect. Some of the arguments that supports the
fact that God exists falls into several categories such as epistemological
argument which means that people cannot know God because we can only accept the
understanding that has been given to us with human rationality. Epistemological
is basically skepticism because us having certainty of God existence is
impossible. It also includes metaphysical arguments which denies that
non-physical things do not exist. Physiological and sociological arguments
because it states that the God and other believes are in our minds and are
human inventions. 



religion is Christianity. Christianity is considered to be a major religion and
it has become the largest religion in the world. It major groups includes
“Roman Catholic church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and the protestant
churches” (Encyclopedia Britannica). Throughout all my life, I have been raised
as a Christian and a lot of people consider this religion as an ethnic group
since our parents inherit this religion generation to generation and since we
are kids we have been taught that way.  They
are several differences between atheism and Christianity. Some of these
differences in my opinion are substantive characteristics of the religions and
are not considered superficial or minor ritualistic characteristics because
they work with theories of these religions. In Christianity, God exists, there
is a belief founded on revelation and philosophy, they usually try to convey
atheist to become Christians, they are divided as mentioned before in
Catholicism, Orthodox, and Protestantism; they believe in the afterlife, they
have models of charity (canonization) and has existed for 3,000 years. On the
other hand, Atheism believe that God does not exists, disbelief founded on
science and philosophy, they usually try to convert believers, their division
focuses on moderates, militants, and extremist, they do not belief in
afterlife, compared to Christians their model of charity is no canonization and
this religion has existed since the start of civilization.

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I have learned several things about this
religion and how at some point I agree with it making my religion be seen in a
new way. The first thing I found interested was the fact that many people who
are atheist because they believe in no God that they shouldn’t be even
considered a religion. As we all know and as mention before, our family has
influence us to become what they want however, I believe that once we start
growing up we start creating our own views and our thoughts and we become less
influenced by family members, friends, and other external factors. Something that
I didn’t know about this religion (atheist) was their divisions and how they
are totally different from Christianity. To be honest, for me religion is a
very sensitive topic because I was raised as a Christian but because of all the
fallacies of the bible and all the contradictions about this religion, I
started to believe less and less about God. I do believe there is an external
force bigger than us and I do believe that there might be something or someone
protecting us it can be angels or even a family member that died but that you
really had a connection with. My mom has always taught me to do good in life
and be good to others and I believe that if we do good we will receive good as
well. I should be grateful that my family has never imposed me to believe in
certain religion such as other countries where people need to follow them. My
parents had given me my free choice to decide and believe what I want to.  

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