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Chapter 1  Introduction


1.1 Introduction
to Yummy Mobile Application                                                                                  

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this era everyone lives in a busy lifestyle and due to their workaholic routines
they are into fast food and they are moving away from home made food. People
consume fast food to save more time so they don’t have to worry spending time
for preparing food. Because of these fast food and bad food habits, people are
facing many serious health problems like Cancer, Cholesterol, high blood
pressure, Diabetic etc. This proposed food community application will make a
change in people’s stressful life by helping them to prepare food on their own
and make them feel excited about cooking to develop their interest on food
preparation. Since this is an android mobile application, users can easily
download the application in to their mobile and use it right away. This
application will be designed in a way user friendly way as simple as possible, where
people on every age can use it without any trouble. The application offers its
users to register and share new recipes among the community. Furthermore they
can search and filter recipes online which are uploaded into the community by
others. Also users can leave comments or feedbacks about the recipe and they
can rate the uploader depending on the quality of his / her recipe. Users can
chat about their recipes in a user chatroom. And the next best thing is all the
recipes will break down in to categories so that all the users can filter
easily such as slow cooker, easy cooker breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegetable,
meat, kid’s food etc. This is not a regular mobile application where the users are
able to view only the uploaded recipes in its database in which the customers
can choose and cook but a food community platform that everyone can
upload/download recipes on their own and talk about them with other users.
Since this is a community based app more people will interact and will help to
increase the interest on homemade cooking again. 





Aim & Objectives


Develop an Android
application to push customer to homemade cooking with the support of best
foodie’s community with the mobility of mobile application.



§  To
improve the searching for a most suitable recipe for suitable moment

§  To
create an interactive environment with in the food community


Features of proposed system


§  Users
can register to the application and they will have a profile and they will get
these facilities mentioned below.

§  Rating
(Users can rate other users and their recipes )

§  Recipe
Filtering (Users can filter recipes by cooking time, vegan, meat etc…)

§  Chat
Room (Users can talk about their recipes)


1.4 Project Implementation


proposed mobile application should be installed in the user’s mobile phone and
user must register with the application. After the registration process user can
login to his/her profile and start sharing recipes. And also he/she can see
others recipes and put likes, comments to them. When user searching a recipe
he/she can filter recipes with filtering options. Although users can chat with
other users.  









Structure of the report


§  First
Chapter is an introduction about the app which is to be developed, the aim and
the objective of this application.

§  Second
Chapter gives an idea about the existing similar apps and the technology used
to develop this proposed app.

§  Third
chapter describes the project planning.

§  Forth
chapter includes Methodology, Requirement gathering, Design & Implementation,
Testing and Evaluation.















Chapter 2 Literature Review


2.1 Introduction


years back people are interested to cook meals at home and they don’t want to
eat street food/fast food always. But due to their workaholic life now a days
lots of people even children also prefer to get their meals from a restaurant rather
than cooking themselves. This happens because these street food are delicious
than homemade food and also they don’t have enough time to prepare food in
their homes or they don’t know good recipes or no time for learn about some new
recipes. These bad food habits lead humans to poor healthy conditions. Still
people don’t think that proper food habits affect their healthy life until they
face some serious health issues due to these fast foods. This recommended
mobile application will gather peoples as a community to share their delicious
food recipes, even this application will give some energy to people that use
this application to go for homemade cooking again and share their delicious
healthy recipes with other peoples. This proposed system based on structure of
online community applications. Similar to Twitter and Instagram. In those
community base applications users can register in the community and start
sharing their life events, connect with new people. And users can see other
people’s life stories and give a comment, a like so on. Therefore it’s valuable
to do a research on recipe sharing community based mobile applications and food
recipe recommending systems. In the dawn of new technology several concepts
have been introduce for recipe recommending systems.










Existing systems


in year 2000 Svensson and his team performed a study on recipe based online
food store system. This platform is a web platform not an android application.
In their study the designed a system that users can select recipes by 3
different ways: by selecting a specific ingredient, by selecting ingredient
category or by selecting most liked or downloaded recipe. In their study the
main features were recipe filtering by ingredients (e.g. pork, beef, egg),
categories, (meat, vegetable, sweet), groups (recipes liked by a particular
users). And also they recommend recipes buy getting data of user’s filtering.
These groups initially created by the developers and they hoped overtime users
will create their own groups for recipes (Svensson,       Laaksolahti, Höök and Waern, 2000).


2011 Ueda and her team proposed a recipe recommendation system based on user’s
food preferences. In this system they also break the recipes (filtering system)
by ingredients, how frequently used a recipe, specificity of the ingredient.
Furthermore their proposed system doesn’t recommend similar recipes that have
been eaten by the user past few days. 
Moreover their system doesn’t want any action to calculate the past food
preferences of user, their system automatically estimate the past food preference
behavior by looking into user’s recipe browsing history and cooking history. (Ueda,
Takahata and Nakajima, 2011)


2015 Ge perform a study on health aware food recommender system. In this system
first time user register into the system he/she need to enter some personal
data about him/her like height, weight and routine activities. The system use
those information to calculate daily calories that user needs. After that
system will generate the healthier recipe for the user. According to their
records using that android application users said it was easy and useful
application (Ge, Ricci and Massimo, 2015).


proposed a cooking recipe recommendation system in real-time visual object
recognition of food ingredients and recommending recipes suitable for those
identified ingredients. Because of the visual recognition users only need to
point the camera to the ingredients and user will get related cooking recipes
instantly. They say that this system can recognize 30 kinds of food ingredients
in 0.15 seconds (Yanai, Maruyama and Kawano, 2014).


2.3 Technologies


Google firebase

firebase is basically a backend system that use to store data for the developing
mobile application, websites and all. Firebase can store messages, images, users
or whatever data that need to use the developed application. And they will
store in backend system. It’s like a cloud database and application can use it through
internet. This firebase application will helpful to store recipes, photos, messages,
comments so on. And also google firebase technology can be used to create the
chat room for users to chat with other users.

















Chapter 3 Project Planning


3.1 Project overview


This section will
describe the project wok break down structure along with the project plan for
the given time period using project Gantt chart.

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