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Constitution is the body of principles and rules
established in the state or organization and acknowledge to be governed.

Cybercrime is the criminal activities which is done by
using computer on the internet.

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Electronic transaction is the transaction, action or set
of transactions of a commercial or non-commercial nature, that takes place

article 16 (1) of the constitution of the united republic of Tanzania
guarantees a right to privacy it says that “every person is entitled to respect
and protection of his person, the privacy of his own person, his family and of
his matrimonial life, and respect and protection of his residence and private
communications   ”

And the article 16 (2) it says that for the purpose of
preserving the person’s right in accordance with this article, the state authority
shall lay down legal procedures regarding the circumstance, manner and extent
to which the right to privacy, security of his person, his property and
residence may be encroached upon without prejudice to the previous of this

         The article
18 (c) of the constitution of the united republic of Tanzania further
guarantees the freedom to communicate and protection from interference, and
reads as follows “every person has freedom to communicate and a freedom with
protection from interference from his communication.

to the constitution of the united republic of Tanzania everyone has a right to
privacy and freedom  of opinions and
expression on communication, this right also include to hold opinions without
interference and to seek, receive and import information through any
communication media but this right can be misused by some peoples for their
personal interest or personal benefits, because of this the government find it
is import to come with more rules that will support the rule stated in the
national constitution about freedom of using medias and that is Cybercrime act
2005 and Electronic transaction act 2015.

The cybercrime act 2005 state many ethical issues that
are not supposed to be broken by anyone when using computer like illegal
access, illegal device, illegal data interference, pornography, publication of
false information, illegal system interference, illegal remaining, disclosure
of details of an investigation and etc.

Example in section 4(1) Illegal access in this part a person shall not intentionally and
unlawful access or cause a computer system to be accessed, these ethical issues
have been explained with their penalties in case of being broken. A person who
will break that rule will be consider as a person who commit crime and he or
she will be responsible for a fine of not less than three million shillings or
to imprisonment for a term of not less than one year or to both. And in section
14(1)pornography in this part a
person shall not publish or cause to be published through a computer system or
through any other information and communication technology pornographic
material, by doing that a person will be punished for a fine not less than
twenty million shillings or to imprisonment for a term of not less than seven
years or to both.

On Electronic transaction act 2015 it explain more about
the rights of two parties, groups or two peoples who perform electronic
transaction, it describe the rights of a customer and seller during exchange of
goods or service. Example from Electronic act 2015 A supplier offering goods or
services for sale, hire or for exchange electronically, shall provide the
following information to customers full name, legal status and place of
business; contact details including physical address, telephone and e-mail
addresses; a full description of the goods or services offered; the price of
the goods or services; information on the payment mechanism that complies with
other written laws and any other relevant information. Also without prejudice to any other law, a consumer may within
seven days or longer period specified in the agreement, after receiving the
goods or conclusion of the agreement and the customer has not received any
material benefit from the transaction, cancel the agreement for supply of goods
or provision of service, so after a consumer has cancelled the agreement he she
will pay a direct cost of returning the goods.

In generally the
constitution of the united republic of Tanzania is the main body of principles
in the country, but cybercrime act 2015 and Electronic transaction act 2015 are
the part that try to support what is stated in the constitution. The main
objective behind cybercrime act and electronic transaction act is to protect
sensitive infrastructures reduce vulnerability and minimize the damage and cost
that cyber-attacks and electronic transaction may cause. The cybercrime defines
the ethics when communicating in a network and electronic transaction defines
ethics when doing any online business, I would like to advice the citizenry to consider
the correct and safe use of communication and computer network services for
individual benefits and national development the proper use of networks has a
number of profits to the public.

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