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Sex, Love, and Marriage

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October 7th, 2017

Lisa King

Question #2 – Is there such a thing as perverted sex? If so,
what is it? If not, why not? Consider Kant, Freud, and either Nagel or Moulton
in your answer.


Today’s culture is
filled with many controversial topics and ideas that do not have clear- cut
answers; one of those topics including sex and whether certain types of sex can
be considered perverse. Looking at different angles on the concept and from the
ideas of various people throughout history, certain conclusions can be made.
Many factors go into deciding if a sex is perverted but there are some specific
characteristics of a variety of sexualities that can render them perverse. Sex
can be considered perverted when it is used in a way that objectifies another
person or when consent is absent.

Although, sex is
said to be an urge that controls the human body, it is important to note that
if sex between individuals is meant purely for the purposes of alleviating an
intense appetite, it is perverse. This is because according to Kant’s view, it
is objectifying the other person because they are just a means to satisfy ones
urges. I agree with Kant in that sex can be sought out due to the fact that
someone is hot and bothered and having and receiving sex would satisfy the
overwhelming desire. With saying this, I do think sex is an appetite or carnal
desire but it doesn’t mean, or justify using someone just as a means to solely
to satisfy these urges. People have reasoning abilities and are capable of
fully consenting in ways that animals are not able to and, therefore, would be
able to resist the urge of “needing” sex in the same way you need food to
survive. For animals, sex is mostly for reproductive purposes and this is hard
wired into their brains without being taught to engage these sorts of
activities, it is similar to an instinct of survival. When humans take sex to
the level, by “needing” it for their survival and treating it as an appetite
that must be quenched, I believe that is okay to want sex like that. However,
when you use that as your reasoning for having sex, that is when the other
person becomes objectified and when sex becomes perverse. I think it is
perverted due to the fact that people have the intellect to decide when, where,
and why they are having sex unlike animals in which sex is more like an urge
and not easily controlled. Another extremely common theme among sex talk is the
idea of consent of the sex happening or having the potential to occur. When
those aspects are missing from the picture, the sex is and has become perverse.
This is because consent gives respect to the other person.

 Freud does a great job of describing some of
the abnormal sexualities out there including inverts and their perversions of
sexual objects and sexual aim. Before diving into the different perversions, it
is important to note Freud believed that if one or more of the stages of desire
were not fully completed or were hindered as a child, the person may develop
these perverted sexual desires and practices. He mentions that perversions of
sexual objects can include sexualities like pedophilia and bestiality and that
these two types of sexualities are abnormal and perverted by means that there
is no mutual reciprocation. Children may be coerced into having relations with
an older adult and even if the child expresses agreement to the relations, at
that age and stage of development, children are unable to make that kind of
decision for themselves, thus not being to reciprocate pleasure. In the case of
bestiality, animals are unable to indicate consent due to inability to
communicate with humans. In this case and the case of pedophilia, there is only
one consenting adult or person and this alludes to perverted sex. When talking
about sexual aim, Freud thinks that the acts performed during sex are perverted
if they are outside the limits of normal intercourse. I can agree with this in
the extreme situations including sadomasochists but I, also, think that sex can
consist of positions and relations other than standard missionary. The
alternatives I am referring to do not include violence, pain, and torture. When
Freud makes mention to these types of extreme sexualities, as I understand it,
the theme is that consent is and may not be fully given in these circumstances
as well. For sadomasochists, I cannot imagine giving full consent to being
tortured and put through pain for someone else’s pleasure. I would feel
dehumanized and broken and I cannot fathom the idea of anyone truly giving
consent in this situation, leaving me to think it is very perverse.

In conclusion, sex
can be perverted in many ways including the way it is used, whether someone is
able to fully consent, and if someone is unaware of being used as a sexual arousal
outlet. Sex is a tricky subject and many people have different ideas of what
“normal” non- perverted sex is, hence all the different types of sexualities
out there. I think this topic is up for much debate and will always be a widely
debated topic, especially among those who feel strongly about the subject and
those who happen to participate in the determined perverse sexualities.


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