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He later on received a military honor for serving for the navy 22 years later after his death. The navy made a ceremony after his death at his grave. Many gathered at the ceremony at his monument. Then in 2012 the Navy a cargo vessel the “Cesar Chavez”. It was the only and the first ship to be named after a latino. When he was 10 years old his family home was taken away because they didn’t have enough money to pay for it. So his family decided to go move out to California. His parents started working as farmers picking fruits and vegetables. His Family would move often nut they were always happy they were a strong family.Cesar Chavez had many important ideas. His ideas were important because he wanted to set a goal he wanted to overthrow a farm labor system. This was very important because many farm owners would treat their workers poorly. And he wanted to do something about it he wanted to change it because he thought that it wouldn’t be right to treat others bad they should be treated like any other human so he started to boycott because he wanted to see change. He wanted to change it because their parents once were treated like that once too. That was his most important goal he wanted to accomplish because he was tired of seeing workers treated like if they weren’t humans. He was catalyst for change because he changed everyone’s way of thinking. He wanted to be a community organizer he made a lot of moves in the community. He wanted to create a union for workers. Other unions put their workers plight in the public consciousness. What Cesar wanted to do is to harness the public outrage to get more farm workers. That’s why he wanted to be fair with everyone because when he was younger he had all the memories when he picked grapes and cotton when he was younger that’s why he took that anger to do some change and change other workers lives. In the other hand Cesar harden by his experience on working at the

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