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Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in
the world. Needless to say Hindu art as well is pretty ancient. It incorporates
many different trends. One such trend which is often ignored by people is the
Psychedelic imagery. While this might sound like an anomaly but the sheer scale of Psychedelic imagery in the Hindu art makes it certain that it is actually not a coincidence but rather a sub-niche of the art


One of the most prominent uses of Hindu art was to depict the Gods and Goddesses in Hindu
religion. There are over 300 million gods. Therefore, it comes as no surprise
that Psychedelic imagery is also used in depicting the Gods and goddesses. We
would share with you some of the instances in which Psychedelic imagery is used
in Hindu Art.

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Depicting Gods and Goddesses:

As we stated above,
Psychedelic imagery to depict Gods and Goddesses
is pretty common when it comes to Hindu art. Some of the Gods who are widely
depicted using Psychedelic imagery are:


Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha is
known as the God which can remove obstacles and has the Head of the elephant.

Lord Shiva: Lord Shiva is
considered as the destroyer of evil. He is also known to be the inventor of the
art of Yoga.

Goddess Kali: Goddess Kali is a
representation of the feminine force and is known to destroy evil in all forms.


Apart from these, there
are a lot of different Gods and Goddesses
which are depicted using Psychedelic imagery like:


Goddess Durga

Goddess Lakshmi

Lord Vishnu

Lord Krishna


Modern Art:

While the depiction of Gods
and Goddesses has been done for centuries, there are also other modern
artists who have been using Psychedelic imagery to represent Hindu art. There are artists like Malavika
Reddy who has had her paintings displayed across various art galleries in
India. Her art is heavily influenced by the Goan form of Psychedelic art. She does not curtail herself
to just religious art but rather to
different aspects of art. Her collection “Without Acid” has received a good a
response all over India.

Whether you speak of modern art or historic art, Hindu art is heavily influenced by Psychedelic imagery. The difference in the
artforms from the western culture is that the Psychedelic imagery is not
associated with the actual use of drugs but rather the use of color palettes which were used in the art forms.

These art forms are also visible across
various monuments across India like Hawa Mahal which have plenty of depictions
of Psychedelic art.


Thus, if you are looking for a religion which most significantly depicts
Psychedelic imagery in their art., the Hindu religion is one such religion.

With increasing awareness about Hindu
religion all over the world, the use of Psychedelic imagery in Hindu art is now
coming to the fore. The use is much more than just accidental depiction and is
well entrenched in the Hindu religion which makes it widespread across most of
the monuments and ancient places of the Hindu religion.


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