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HISTORYGREEK CULTUREJulian L.Science And Health Old Greece is famous for its scientific and medical ideas and theories. Scientists like Hippocrates hi-pok-ruh-teez, who lived from 469-399 BC, discovered the concept of observing a patient scientifically, as a way of understanding illnesses.  Some of Hippocrates’ ideas are still used by present-day doctors, despite being thought of thousands of years ago. Archaeologists have found medical cases that may have been used by the Ancient Greek doctors. The cases contained equipment made out of bronze, such as tongs, scalpels, blood knives(for bloodletting), spoons, and little slots suited for medical drugs. Many doctors became skilled in treating wounds and broken bones from serving in the army. People today have the technology to identify the ancient Greek people and know about their gender, age, diet, and health. The gender can be inferred by the size of the skull and width of the pelvis. Little cracks found in the skull, or otherwise known as “Harris lines”, can show when the growth of the person’s bones began and when it stopped. Many of the Greeks suffered from stiffness in the joints. This disease is known as ‘osteoarthritis’, which forms hard knobs at the middle and farthest finger joints. This may continue for years, decades, or maybe even a lifetime. This would affect legs size and image and could even lead to obesity. Fun And Games/Entertainment The rich whom lived in towns had plenty of time to kill, so why not add a little fun in life? Chat, eat, work out, and playing games were choices if you were a little bored. To the Greeks, music was a must. They loved singing and dancing, and having a good time in general. But because of the war, almost no sheet music was left, so we do not know what their music sounded like, but because of pictures on vases, we could see the Greeks on harps, pipes, and other instruments made by hand. Some games from Ancient Greece may have inspired some of our modern ones today. An early version of snakes and ladders was discovered, so this well-known board game may have been around for more than 2,000 years. Some vases show warriors competing with board games, just to relax and have a break from defending Greece. One picture showed Ajax and Achilles, both Greek heroes, sitting down for a type of game similar to chess with their weapons aside. ????????, a Greek game was suit to be played at the end of drinking parties. It is a game that requires practice and skill. Players would fling wine lees at targets, and see whoever could get to the target the closest. Pictures of people playing this game can be seen on vases. The Greeks

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