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I purchased a total of 20 stocks, including Starbucks (SBUX) a major coffee company , Google (GOOG) an online company mainly known for their search engine, Cannon (CAJ) an electronic company mainly known for their cameras, Coca-Cola (COKE) a major food corporation known for their drinks, and American Airlines (AAL) an airline company that flies consumers all over the world. I bought 7 shares with Starbucks, 2 shares with Google, 15 shares with Canon, 6 shares with Coca-Cola, and lastly 6 shares with American Airlines. Honestly I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was listening in class about how diversity was better because if one stock wasn’t doing well I’d still have other stocks to depend on and to keep earning me money. So that’s what I based my method on; diversity. I knew that the holiday season was coming too, so I decided to focus on things that people want or do during the holidays. Such as travelers, hot coffee, and things you can do while staying home like watching a new show.  I tried to buy one stock in the most markets I could, like in travel, food, entertainment and so on. I bought one Mutual fund, and the rest were normal stocks. While I owned the stocks  I noticed as time went on I slowly went up in the ranks, and towards the end of november; right when it was cold almost everywhere I noticed my stocks were doing great. My method was working fairly well. Almost all of them were earning me money, and they ones that weren’t, didn’t stay that way for very long. I probably would’ve been more sure in my decisions, and thought more about how everything affects consumers purchasing from certain companies. Though buying stocks is a great way to save for retirement, it’s not the only way. You could set up a 4O1K plan with your current employer, and withdraw from that when you finally decide to retire. If you decide to not have a 4O1K plan, you could save more over time in general and keep it in a savings account that has added interest. Make sure you have a way to protect your income, while you may have a savings account an accident or illness could cause expensive medical bills to pile up and drain your savings, try to set up an insurance plan or benefit plan with your employer if they offer one. You can also be sure to pay off all of your debts, like credit cards, mortgages, car loans school loans. When you pay them all of you have more money to focus on you so you can live comfortably. What I learned from the stocks game is that stocks  may not always earn you money, the last day before the end of the game I dropped in the rankings to about fifth place, which was a bit disappointing because I thought I had the game won. Most of my stocks were losing me money at the time and overall it was about a -.6 or so drop. The game showed me that anything can happen in just a few days, and that I shouldn’t invest all of my money into the stocks. Things like protests and simply low demand can cause you to lose a lot of money if you’re not careful. The stocks is a great way to earn  little extra cash on the side  but not a great way to make a living, unless you happen to be really good, and actually know what you’re doing with your money unlike me. I probably wouldn’t ever actually buy stocks in real life, just because I’d be too worried about losing too much money in general, not just because I’m terrible with money, and maintaining certain things, like this paper.  

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