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In order to learn more about genetic materials from natural environment samples, the initial step is to isolate the DNA molecules from the sampling taken. There are many environmental sample may have probability that contains a several organisms. Different organisms may also differ in their cell structures. There are many types of organisms that can be use to isolate DNA such as insects, leeches, plants, soil and also  water. Insects play important role in forest ecosystem, they feed on wood and play its role in nutrient cycle. Some are pests on forest and their product in forest and timber industry, due to their economic and ecological role research conducted on control of these insect, by study systematic, ecological, phylogenetic and molecular genetics. For all these research, high quality DNA is extracted. ( Nancy, C.-C., Mauricio, Q., Horacio, C.-C. and Guadalupe, Z.-P. , 2010) Methods of extracting DNA from leech ( Annelida ) and insects are usually same. Insects should be killed rapidly so that nucleases (DNases or RNases ) are not allowed to damage the DNA or RNA being extracted. In CTAB method, insects can be stored in 95% ethanol ( EtOH ) at room temperature or in a freezer (-20?) until the DNA is extracted. ( Hoy, M. A.,2013) Ethanol is playing a role in keep and maintaining the condition of DNA insects. Besides, ethanol also good for storing material before use in isolation of DNA. The insects are grinding by using mortar and pestle. As we know, mortar and pestle is a best tool for grinding. After grind, the contents will transfer to a sterile tube that containing lysis buffer. Lysis buffer will consist of trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB ), Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone ( PVP ), NaCI and 2-Mercaptoethanol. Different lysis buffers will be optimal for different samples, and for different proteins in one sample. Lysis buffer is important in breaking open the cells or lysis, or in regulating and the levelness of acid and lysate osmolarity. Proteinase K, is a protease isolated from the saprophytic fungus, Tritirachium album which is have a stable wide pH and temperature range, but denatures above 65?. Originally, function proteinase K is to remove histones and other proteins that bound so tightly to DNA that they resisted extraction with phenol alone. By lysing cell nuclei with detergents and digesting the lysate with proteinase K, protein could be dislodged from DNA, and then easily removed with phenol extraction. (

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