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In this assignment I will be
discussing how qualitative research and quantitative research can be used to
inform occupational therapy practice………….. I will then move onto………………….. Roger
(1982) said that research in occupational therapy is considered as a process
for mending interventions and placement, enhancing the scientific reality of
practice and creating occupational therapy as a practice. One apparent approach
to combining research and practice is to recall the research findings and fit
them promptly to the practice issue.

Evidence based practice is known as a framework of
decision making that allows professionals to extract information from
qualitative and quantitative research. Evidence based practice is defined as a
process that occurs from professional decision making that is required in the
stages of occupational therapy treatment. The professional will ask
clinical questions that take into consideration the client group being treated.
The process of evidence based practice is the professional identifying the
problem, planning and creating an intervention, the professional will then
carry out the intervention and once this has been done they will evaluate the
process and the outcome of the intervention and decide how effective this was.

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Qualitative research


Qualitative Research know as a
type of exploratory research that is used to provide a clarification of
problems and develops hypotheses for possible quantitative research.
Qualitative research includes three different approaches these are known as the
grounded theory approach, phenomenology approach and the ethnography approach.

The phenomenological research
explores the experiences of individuals, whereas ethnography focuses on the
interpretation and critical analysis and explores the culture and customs of a
particular group. Grounded
theory is known as the systematic generation of theory from systematic research.

Interviews, focus groups,
observations and written material are ways of collecting data used for qualitative
research. For example, Goodacre (2006) used a
variety of data collection methods in her 2-year study of women’s experiences
of living with chronic arthritis. Each participant was interviewed twice and
took part in a focus group. Each respondent was also asked to keep a 7-day
diary, structured to half an hour periods where the participant recorded her
activities through the 7-day period; these diaries were used to inform the
interviews.  COPIED STRAIGHT. The advantage of using an interview research method is
that it allows the professionals to gain an understanding of each individual’s
personal thoughts and opinions, it also allows the clinician to understand the
individuals experience and how they feel on a daily basis of living with
arthritis. Using this type of research method is rewarding as it allows room
for improvement within practice, and this study can inform practitioner on the
areas they will need to focus on. It also ensures that the questions are fully
understood by the participant, and if for any reason the individual does not
understand what is being said then the interviewer can explain this in simpler
terms. However, the disadvantage of using interview methods is that the answer
of the women will most likely be different meaning that it will be difficult to
gain a clear understand of the overall experience of women suffering chronic
arthritis. On the other hand one of the main advantages to this method is that
they have the information from the 70-day diary to back up their evidence and they
will have more of an insight into how these women were feeling during the 7 day




qualitative study of baking in mental health used semi structured interview
methods they believed that this was the right method to use as it they received
the individual’s personal response and views. I agree with this statement
because if they used a different method to gather the data they may not have
been able to fully gain the perspective of each individual and their opinions
and thoughts of the engagement in occupation baking. The advantage of using
this semi structured interview methods is that it allows the person answering
the question to express their thoughts openly. It also ensures that the
questions asked are relevant to the topic.



the world of natural sciences and social sciences, quantitative research is
defined as the systematic analytical study of observable phenomena using of
statistics, mathematics or computation. That is, emphasising on the analysis of
data using those techniques and these data are normally extracted through
questionnaires, polls and surveys or by working with pre-existing collected
figures by means of computational techniques. These are most commonly used to
quantify behaviours, responses, moods or attitudes to simplify results from a
larger part of the population.

research is used to assess the success of a specific intervention. A
quantitative study used to explore the attitude and the understanding towards
evidence-based practice of OT students in Ireland used a questionnaire as a
method of collecting data. The results show that all students formed a clear
understanding of what evidence-based practice is and that they are willing to
apply this to practice.  The findings
also showed that over half the students found it difficult to find evidence. It
also shows that students preferred using textbooks and internet to find their
evidence.  The advantage of using
questionnaires is that large amounts of information can be collected from a
variety of people, for example in this study the questionnaires could be used
to collect data from many students without many mistakes being made. Another
positive effect of using questionnaire to collect information is that the
findings can be easily quantified. However, on the other side the disadvantage
of using this method to collect quantitative data is that some people may not
answer the questions truthfully which means that the results will not be as

example of quantitative methods used in clinical practice is a randomized
control trial of occupational therapy in patient’s treatment resistant
schizophrenia the objective of this randomized control trial is to explore is
occupational therapy is successful when combined with psychopharmacological treatment
in treatment resistant schizophrenia, it involved two groups of patients. One
group had occupational therapy session with clozapine and the second group only
had clozapine. This study was carried out over a 6-month period. The findings
were that the group that has clozapine and occupational therapy sessions
benefited more than the group which one had clozapine. The advantage of using a
randomized control trial to carry out this investigation is that this type of
method can notify clinicians which treatments are successful in practice and
which are not working effectively.  The
disadvantage of this particular randomized control trial is the trial time was
long which could have resulted in the loss of relevance, this could be because
by the time it is published practice may have moved on. 



and quantitative research are both equally important to the process of
occupational therapy and evidence based practice, to ensure that practitioners
deliver the best form of care possible. Qualitative data looks at the individual’s
personal experiences and their feelings, whereas quantitative methods look at
numerical and statistical data being collected.


from qualitative data can inform us on feelings and first hand experiences from
patients, giving an idea on what they want which can be used to enhance
practice. Evidence from quantitative data can tell us whether treatments being
used are actually effective and working and also if there is any relationship
between two variables and in turn, inform practice. Evidence based practice is
a way to deliver the best care, it involves; being critical about the evidence
found and also taking into consideration the feelings of the patient. Ethics is
also something that needs to be kept in mind whilst conducting research and in

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