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In the past decade, technology has improved massively which allowed us to explore out of Earth and around space. There are many benefits of space travel which helped us discover more things out of our world and within. Also the creation of satellites helped us rapidly communicate with others from different locations. The exploration of space has allowed us to enhance our technology. Iran became an orbital launch capable nation in 2009. In 2013, the Iranian Space agency became a member of The International Astronautical Federation, which Iran is responsible for all the peaceful activities undertaken by all relevant authorities in the area of Space science and technology. On the United Nations committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Iran is one of the 24 founding members. In 1958, it was set up. Since then, Iran has launched many satellites into space and has become more active recently , comparing to their past experience with Space. A long time ago, Space travel was limited. In the last decade, Iran has used the advantage of space travel to experiment numerous ways for example: Iran used many dummy satellites to send into orbit, in addition to that, in 2013 a monkey was sent into space. Iran has also created a tracking center which is used to to monitor objects as they passed through orbit above Iran. By 2025, Iran has plans to land an astronaut on the moon. Iran launched its most advanced satellite carrying rocket into space successfully, in July 2017. Also Iran has successfully launched various animals into space such as: rodents, turtles, several worms and monkeys.Iran believes, sending satellites into orbit has many benefits, Iran claims that it is a matter of safety. Iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world which means they are prone to incredibly destructive earthquakes with four earthquakes that occured within the past 7 days. Satellites can help by monitoring these natural disasters in advance which can let the nation know beforehand so they have time to evacuate. Therefore, more lives can be saved. In addition to that, Iran has a vital interest in improving telecommunications. Doing so, will allow Iran’s military surveillance techniques to expand. However, the United States of America and its associates have stated that the technology possibly could cause a security threat by allowing Iran to construct long range missiles.

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