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NATO is an alliance of 29 Countries from Europe and North America. It purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. 

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FOR Bosnia and Kosovo 


NATO members comprise of at least 50% of the worlds GDP and can call over 3 million men and women on active service.

Paragraph 1 AGAINST

Turkey – 2nd biggest Army 

Renaissance fighter Jet was shot down in international airspace by Syria. 
Turkey requested help from NATO to improve air defence capabilities 
Three NATO allies provide two patriot missile batteries to protect eastern border.

The US and Germany removed their patriot missile batteries and there is increasing conflict going on in syria with scepticism that Erdogan is fuelling the Syrian war and has been letting syrian rebels enter through their border. 

Example of an unsuccessful strategy due Erdogan’s unstable control of Turkey.
Has begin to sever ties with US and Germany and signed a controversial deal with Russia.

Worse off when it was before.

Paragraph 2 FOR

Bosnian War – Four year war started after Yugoslavia broke up in 1989. Serbia set out to “ethnically cleanse” Bosnian territory by systematically removing all Bosnian Muslims, known as Bosniaks.

NATO started an alliance with them in 1992 which would support peacekeeping. 

The IFOR is an implementation force which was given a one year mandate to enforce peace with their aims to end hostilities and separate armed forced as well as removing weapons. 
SFOR  – peace support operation which was to contribute to a safe and secure environment, social reconstruction and promote peace. 
They patrol and provide security. 
SFOR also was involved in Demining and bought 39 war crime suspects to court 
Bosnia is now apart of the EU and became a partner country to NATO and is focusing on introducing institutional and defence reforms. 

However, in jan 2018  Russianed trained mercenaries decided to support Bosnia’s serb separatists with the aim of destabilising the region. 


NATO is the most successful military alliance in history, and has brought democratic Europe nothing but benefit however, it may struggle to meet its aims always purely due to lack of co-operation. 

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