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December 2017


            My name is Jessica Capellen. I am 22 years
old and currently enrolled at Florida International University. I am majoring
in Criminal Justice with a certificate in Fundamentals of National Security. When I was
about 12 years old I found out that my childhood’s parents worked for the FBI. I would hear
stories from what they could share with me and encouraged me to follow my heart. Since I then, I have always a
keen interest in the criminal justice field. I would love watching crime shows and would predict
who the killer was before the movie or show was over and I would usually get it
With the knowledge that most of what goes on in the shows are not real, I still would
be beyond honored to work for a federal agency.

            Once I graduate I am going to apply
to a couple different jobs and agencies so I can have multiple options. If I don’t make it into
any of the agencies or positions I applied for then I will join the police
academy and make my way up to the top. In no more than 10 years I definitely see myself
working in a Federal Agency. I know that anything can happen along the way, I could change
my career path. The 2 agencies that I would like to work for would
be the FBI and CIA. I choose those 2 mainly because of the people I
have been fortunate to meet along the way that have worked or currently worked
for those agencies have impacted my life. So I thank them for helping me put my foot in the
door and for being leaving proof that if you follow your dreams you’ll get to where
you want to be.

            On July 26, 1908, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation was developed. The federal government used the bureau as a tool to
investigate criminals who evaded prosecution by passing over state lines and
within a few years the number of agents sky rocketed to more than 300. There were some
issues with Congress because they felt that with growing authority, the FBI could
lead to abuse its power. In the 1917 Hoover his first job with the
Department of Justice with being only 22 years old and became the head of the
forerunner. Hoover drastically restructured and expanded the
Bureau of Investigation. He successfully built the agency into an effective
and efficient crime fighting machine, establishing a centralized fingerprint file, a crime
laboratory, and a training school for agents.  Hoover spent 62% of his life working in the
He worked there for 48 years and died at age 77. After his death, the FBI directors limited the terms to 10 years.

            In the FBI, one of the 2
jobs I would apply to is for the position of Intelligence Analyst. What
Intelligence analyst do is analyze information, provide judgments, and make recommendations to support decision makers
to take action to ease all threats. I believe I have the skills to provide what is
needed. I have the knowledge that having the right
information and guidance is critical to protecting the United States as a whole. With my skills
and knowledge I will be able to make recommendations and develop strategies to
help identify and combat threats. My skills with benefit a lot when it comes to
collaborating with different networks such as state, federal, and local
partners and with members of the Intelligence Community to help mitigate risks
before they happen.

            I am very much aware that with this
career choice, being proactive is key. This career is
built on the foundation of exploitation, analysis and sharing information. I have an
outstanding ability to communicate so knowing that I will be working closely
with Special Agents and other FBI agents does not bother or intimidate me. I enjoy meeting
and talking to different people with different perspectives because I am a firm
believer that everyone has something new to teach me.

            Working for the FBI I know that
flexibility is key, with that being said, I will always be prepared and willing to be
transferred according to the needs of the Bureau. The hiring process will go smoothly being that I
have met all the requirements and do not use drugs. With being part
of an FBI team I know I will make a real difference everyday and that I will
have a career like no other.

            The second job that I will
definitely apply for is the position of Police Officer. I am aware that
now more than ever security plays a crucial role in the mission of the FBI. A FBI Police
Officer helps keep the Bureau secure through administrating programs, establishing
procedures for processing security request, providing security training to the workforce, and more. I am aware that
the FBI is constantly looking for very qualified individuals to become part of
their Security Personnel. The key role of an FBI Police Officer is keeping
the FBI personnel and surrounding areas secure. I believe that I have what it takes to be an FBI
Police Officer.

            I am a second degree black belt in
Tae Kwon Do. I know how to defend myself very well so I am very
confident that I have what it takes of the physical portion of the requirements. Being on the
job takes a lot of work and being observant and aware at all times are skills
that I have and I know will greatly benefit everyone around me. I am aware that
the priorities of the Federal Bureau is to protect the United States of America, protect the
United States against foreign intelligence, and many others that I would be able to proved for
the job. My core values are the obedience to the
constitution, respect for those I will be protecting and showing
compassion as well as fairness. I will show uncompromising personnel integrity and
institutional integrity. I will take responsibility for my actions and
decisions as well as I will for the consequences and I will show leadership
both personal and professional. I also believe
that the FBI is sometimes misunderstood and people see them as very stiff or
serious. I am outgoing, personable, and have a great sense of humor; I think the FBI
needs people like that.

            Those 2 jobs that I choose to apply
for are very different as you can see. While one is more of an outdoor action type of job
the other one is more behind the scenes. I am a very well rounded person and adapt to
changes quickly, I can work in almost any environment or situation. I am very lucky
to have that personality trait. Even though it is obvious that the 2 jobs I chose
are different, they both essentially have the same goal which is
to protect the United States of America. Being given the honor to contribute to that goal
would be a life changing and self growing experience. Not only would
the Bureau benefit but as I will too.

of the pros of working in the FBI are that the Bureau supports a work life
balance. The Bureau understands that its employees are hard
workers and have lives outside of work. The agency allows part-time positions at are 16-32
hours of work per week and this is designed to help those that want to balance
a professional and family life. Working for the FBI also gives you the opportunity
to travel, see new places and explore new things. You get many
different options for living and commute. It also gets you the option to receive a lot of
recognition if you’re trying to move up in the agency. One of the
major pros is that the job is rewarding. People really look up to you and being able to save
lives or contribute to something that ended up saving lives is always rewarding.

            The some of the cons of working for
the FBI is the danger and traumatic experiences. Working in the agency can be very dangerous at
You can be put in situations where you can get either really hurt or die. There also come
some traumatic experiences while in the field. You will see and hear things that will stick with
you forever but it is part of being in the FBI. Also family life might be really tough if your
significant other can adapt to your work life that’s why many times
people in the FBI have relationships with people in government jobs that way
its more understanding. One of the cons people don’t realize are a
con is the whole applying process. The FBI application process is one of the most
thorough in the nation.

            The CIA, Central
Intelligence Agency, was established on September 18th, 1947. It was
established after President Harry S. Truman recognized the need for a post World War II
centralized intelligence organization. The CIA is the government agency that was given the
task primarily with gathering intelligence and international security
information from foreign countries. One of the main reasons why the CIA came about was
due to the intelligence concerns and initiatives of the war. Intelligence
and counter-intelligence were one of the key machines by which the Nazis were
defeated. Just because the Nazis were defeated didn’t not mean there
was an end to the need for intelligence. The government saw a need for centralized
non-military intelligence operations and the CIA helped with that.

            Today the CIA is an independent
agency that is responsible for providing national security intelligence to
senior policymakers. The director of the CIA is nominated by the
President of the United States, with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Director
manages the operations, personnel, and budget of the Central Intelligence Agency.

            The first job in the CIA that I
would apply to is the position of Polygraph Examiner. The term
“polygraph” means “many writings. It is in reference to the science of the test in
which several physiological responses are measured at the same time to detect
any signs of deception.  Polygraph
Examiners must know how to interpret the relationship to the mind and the body
as it pertains to physical responses to thoughts and emotions. A Polygraph
Examiner must be able to prepare a subject for testing, conduct
polygraph exams, work closely with investigators, prepare written
reports, and if necessary provide courtroom testimony. A very large
key to being an Examiner has to do with effective communication skills and
dealing closely with individuals.

            I understand that taking this career
path involves me potentially working in a confidential environment on a daily
I believe I qualify for this job because I have levels of professional and
personal integrity, trustworthiness, and loyalty to the United States of America. I have broad
range of interest and I like to keep myself update in a lot of different events
and topics on things going on around the world.  I am able to
relate and interact with many different people from many different cultures, backgrounds, and expertise. My ability to
take and give order whether I am working with a team or alone is very
exceptional. I am mature, confident, and have unique organizational skills. 

            The second job in the CIA that I
will definitely be applying for is the position of Security Protective Service. What the
Security Protective Service does is protect the CIA personnel, facilities and
information through the enforcement of Federal laws and Agency Regulations. With this job
title I will be controlling access to and egress from Agency facilities
utilizing preventive measures or actions that mitigate hostile threats against
Agency workforce, property or information. SPS have the
authority to make arrest and enforce traffic laws in Agency Jurisdiction. If there
happens to be a medical emergency, the SPS will be the ones providing basic first aids, CPR, and AED
response as needed. Other responsibilities for this job is maintain
public order during emergency situations and facilitating safe and thorough
evacuations when necessary. With this job title I will be effectively
representing the Agency and communicating with members of the public.

            I believe I have the skills for this
I have highly organized and analytical skills. I possess impeccable representational and
communication skills and enjoy working in a team environment. I have
unimpeachable integrity, and I am willing to move into acquiring new skills
for the job. I will be accruing my bachelor’s degree in less
than a year from Florida International University. My grade point average is above what is required as
well as I have excellent oral and written communication skills. I have strong
interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and I have high levels of trustworthiness, loyalty, and integrity
for the United States of America.

            The two jobs I chose from the CIA
are not exactly related in the way that they are two totally different jobs. While one is
behind the scenes, the other is where all the action is per say. With my
personality and skills, I can say I am a well rounded person and will do my
110% no matter where the agency puts me. I am able to adapt fairly quick and I am a very
fast learner. Getting any position in the CIA would be a huge
milestone for me being that it’s been a dream since I have been younger. I know for a
I will not let the CIA down.

pro about working for the CIA is that no day will be the same. Every day you’ll have
something new to do and something different will be going on. You get to work
with a diversity of people that have many different interests and point of
your career can go in different directions and you’ll gain knowledge
and experience from it. You will be contributing to the work of a nation at
the center of intelligence and that is extremely rewarding not only personally
but also professionally.

about working for the CIA are that it can be very demanding so you will have
little to known work and life balance. There are very strict hiring guidelines. You are not
allowed to talk about your work with anyone outside your office. You might have
to move a lot depending on your assignment and if you have a family it really
takes a toll on them. Once you are working for the CIA you are a
potential target to terrorist regardless of your job title.

            From the agencies I chose there are
many similarities as there are differences. The FBI is a governmental agency belonging to the
United States Department of Justice that serves as both a federal criminal
investigative body and an internal intelligence agency, especially for
counterintelligence. The FBI is a threat-based and intelligence-driven
national security organization. They are basically the national police department;
they deal with cases like kidnappings, tax evasion, and security fraud.

While the CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence
service of the United States federal government tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing
national security information from around the world. The CIA’s primary mission
is to collect, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence to assist the
President and senior US government policymakers in making decisions relating to
the national security. They gather information related to foreign
governments, non-state actors, corporations, and individuals, and provides intelligence to inform combat
operations of the US Armed Forces in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

            The FBI’s priorities are
to protect the United States of America from terrorist attacks, foreign
intelligence operations and espionage, cyber-based attacks, and high-technology crimes. Also they try
to combat public corruption at all levels. Unlike the FBI, a domestic security service, the CIA has no
law enforcement function. It is mainly focused on overseas intelligence
gathering, with only limited domestic intelligence collection. The CIA is the
only agency authorized for covert action.

            With every job there come challenges and sacrifices that
have to be made.
I think that before getting into any agency people really need to see if it the
job and life style they want to live.
Divorce rates are higher for people in the agency because of the stress and
little time you get for yourself or family depending on your job position. It’s
very important for someone that is really interested in working for any agency
to really take certain things into consideration.
If you don’t
have the right mind set or really enjoy your job at the agency then it is not
the right job for you.

conclusion, pursing a job in really any agency whether it’s the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of
Homeland Security, etc., will be an honor for me. Setting goals
and being able to achieve them one day is a very wonderful feeling. I can
definitely say I see myself in some agency one day hopefully doing undercover




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