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Last year, I was
facilitating a team of student to prepare them for a technical competition. Before
designing the preparation course, I had a meeting with the team members to ask
them about their availability and to find out what technical areas they need to
focus on. Based on the feedback I got from them, I planned a 4-month weekly
meeting schedule, which focused on different skillsets every week and I sent
out weekly reminders to keep everyone on track. I explained to the students
that although our ultimate goal is to win the competition, we need to focus on
our weekly goals and ensure to meet our weekly deadlines.

I designed training workshops to
meet the needs of the students and I ran regular assessments during the
training period to evaluate the improvement of the students. I also kept asking
students for their opinions and tried to incorporate them in my training
sessions. According to Bens (2012), facilitator should be “able to stop action
and check how things are going” (p. 36). At some point in the training, I
realized that the students have a great understanding of the technical
requirements but it takes a long time for them to finish a specific task. As
this competition focused on both technical knowledge and speed, I had to ask
the students to suggest alternative methods that can boost their speed and save
us some time. We had to try a couple of suggestions to find out the best
strategy that was both time efficient and technically correct.

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According to my Teaching Perspectives
Inventory results, Nurturing is my dominant perspective and I agree with that
because I think I set clear learning goals but I feel comfortable encouraging
students to find the best learning tools that matches their needs. I do not
think that forcing the student to follow my guidelines is a practical strategy.
I will be setting reasonable, yet challenging learning goals for them  but students need to put effort and time to learn.
I consider myself very flexible when I see a need for changing the plan in the

Social reform perspective is my
back-up perspective. I think it is more important for the students to know
rationale behind each content they learn from me, rather than the content
itself. In my opinion, empowering students by giving them knowledge and
confidence is critical because it allows them to have the courage to take
action and improve their life.

Although I see an internal discrepancy
between my belief and my actions in Apprenticeship, my overall results in Apprenticeship
and Developmental perspectives are equal. I truly believe that learning must be
integrated with practical environment where students get the opportunity to
learn through performing physical tasks. I also think that facilitators must
challenge students’ thinking process and develop them by asking a range of
simple to complex questions and providing relative solutions and examples that
are meaningful to the students. This will help the students to transform from a
dependent learner to a knowledgeable and competent person who is getting ready
to join the workforce.

Finally, Transmission seems to be
my recessive perspective based on my TPI results. There is an internal discrepancy
between the belief and action sections under transmission perspective. I find
myself enthusiastic about the content that I teach and I try to transfer the
same feeling in my students. I try to present the lecture based on the pace of
the class, however sometimes I need to cover a huge amount of material in a short
period of time and that probably urges me to rush through the lecture.

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