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Louis David Riel was a Canadian politician, a founder of the province of Manitoba  and a political leader of the Metis people of the Canadian Prairies.Lots of people believed that he was a hero other people believed he was a traitor to his people but actually some people he was also both a hero and a traitor.In the essay it will explain why people believe what the believed about him if was a hero or a traitor.First I will explain why people thought Louis Riel was a hero .In November of 1869 Riel  as a leader of the Metis people and the territory of Red River lead the writing of a List of Rights begin the entry of Manitoba into confederation. These rights were not the thinking of complete but rather that of a democrat. Understand that when the French speakers (as they were called) and the French speaking Metis were very much in the majority in the Territory.In part, the List of Rights included:That the people have the right to elect their own council.That all sheriffs,constable,and school commissioners. be elected by the people.That English and French were to be commonly used by the government.That all documents and Acts of the council  be published in English and French.That the Territory have a fair and full representation in the Canadian assembly.That all privileges, customs and usage existing at the time of the transfer be respected.This is the reason people thought Louis Riel was a hero,now that we saw why people thought he was a hero now we’re gonna see why people thought he was a traitor There are several key events surrounding Louis Riel  which suggest that not only was he not the hero he is so often presented as but was responsible for several mistakes that did nothing but stop  the Metis  chance at addressing their wrong through politics and resistance.Louis Riel  jealousy strong religious feeling and borderline madness led him to use the wrong of the Metis people “a group which had every right to rebel” as a means to his own self interest ends.Louis Riel’s  family had strong ties to the religious community and he was raised in an area that was quite spiritual. He was chosen to travel to Quebec, and entered studies that would eventually lead to being a priest  after his father’s  death in 1865 Louis Riel  was removed from his studies and eventually moved back home, quickly becoming involved in discussions regarding the political and economic status of the red river area.

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