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Morgan BillupsEmmonsHonor English 11/26/18School SportsOver 3.5 million injuries happen from sports each year. There are many different injuries from many sports that children play all the time. School sports have many negative effects on students, with all of the injuries kids get from playing any sport.The first reason is to take football as an example, kids get injured from football the most. ‘Almost 215,000 children were treated in hospitals’. Football is the most physical sport and has so many different injuries. Sprains and strains are more common than any injury, fractures are also one of the most common. Turf toe is an injury at the base of the big toe, it is often caused by running or jumping on hard surfaces. Achilles tendonitis is an unpleasant pain in the back of the ankle. When the anterior cruciate ligament tears you have to stop playing for months or longer. A torn cartilage occurs when the meniscus is injured, the meniscus are two circular pieces of cartilage that cushion the knee joint. Concussions cause some level of impairment of the brain functions. A burner or a stinger are common in contact sports, it causes pain to be shooting down the affected arm. Also, another injure his spine injuries they are caused when defensive players are in the act of tackling. With all of these injuries, it is clear that football is way to dangerous for kids and teens who play it. Also, kids who play basketball get injured very easily, ‘more than 170,000 children were treated in hospitals’. Some injuries to basketball players are ankle sprains which are the most common injury for players, it is an injury that stabilizes the ankle joint and it occurs when a player tries to move side to side quickly or when they come down from a jump and lands the wrong way. The knee injuries are commonly the MCL which can be injured in many different degrees, ranging from a mild sprain to a complete tear, which can heal without any surgeries. However, an injury to the ACL is a complete tear, which requires surgery to reconstruct the ligament. Also a concussion from a player’s head hitting another player’s head, shoulder, elbow, knee, or hitting the floor when falling. Obviously, basketball can hurt a lot of people in just a short season.School sports are meaningful to kids life so that they can build up social skills, leadership skills and they stay active. ‘35,000 student-athletes in LAUSD attended an average of 21 or more days of school per year than their counterparts, while they also sported GPAs some 0.55 to 0.74 points higher than non-athletes’. Students care more about practice than their grades until they are not allowed to play because their grades are too low and they need to bring their grade up again.School sports are terrible for kids to play, with all of the different injuries from sports that kids play all the time. Parents should stop putting their kids in so many sports without even seeing their dangers it has to their kids at such a young age. If kids start realizing the dangers they can beware of what can happen to their health and education in the future.

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