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Neely Bruce Neely Bruce (conceived January 21, 1944), Professor of Music and American Studies at Wesleyan University, is a writer, conductor, piano player and researcher of American music. His college degree is from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa; he got his DMA(Doctor of Martial Arts), from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He has been going to teacher and craftsman in-living arrangement at Middlebury College, Bucknell University of Michigan, and at Brooklyn College. He is the ensemble executive for Connecticut Opera, and, with his significant other Phyllis, co-chief of music at the South Congregational Church in Middletown, Connecticut, For an entire list of his work. His biggest work is entitled CONVERGENCE. Steppin’ Out, Continental Harmony, Carles Ives Newsletter-Here’s to Ives, charged by the American Composers Forum, as a feature of its Continental Harmony venture, this arrangement got its debut on June 18, 2000 as a major aspect of the New Haven International Festival of Arts and Ideas. Merging, a progression of three created parades with assistant melodic occasions of a stationary sort, is scored for numerous walking groups, various tunes, at least three organs, fife and drum corps, bagpipes, two symphonies, jazz band, West African drumming troupe, Native American outfit, Javanese gamelan, West Indian steel drums, and two solo trumpets. On August eighteenth, 2002 Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors introduced an updated and extended execution of this piece, eagerly got by a group of people of 10,000, another generation of CONVERGENCE has been proposed in Danbury, Connecticut (origin of Charles Ives). Bruce’s musical show Hansel and Gretel, dispatched by Connecticut Opera, got its first exhibitions as a chamberwork for youngsters (soloists with piano and additionally little troupes) in 1997. The full-scale work (including artists, chorale, and symphony) debuted in March of 1998 at the Bushnell in Hartford. In December 2002 Trinity College of Music, London, exhibited the main understudy creation of this musical show, the author condustion. Hansel and Gretel will be exhibited on visit in the Netherlands by the Max Tak Orchestra in December 2005. In July 2003 he formed the score for Benedict Arnold: A Brave Revenge by John Basinger. Delivered by Connecticut Outdoor Historic Drama, Inc., this epic was exhibited in Washington Park, Groton, Connecticut, on the spot where British troops assembled before the Battle of Groton Heights, the very clash established at the peak of the play. The score, for fiddle, woodwinds, percussion and console, utilizes customary tunes, military music, unique material and embellishments to summon the soul of the 1770’s and 1780’s. It is the latest of Bruce’s attempts to draw on recorded American sources. Different works for the stage incorporate a symbolic musical drama of the American Revolution, American, or, A New Tale of the Genii (lyrics by Tony Connor). This full-length work was started on a partnership from the National Endowment for the Arts. Delivered in the semi-arranged show form by the American Music/Theater Group and Orchestra New England, it anticipates its first totally organized creation. Yankee folklore is the first of the anticipated set of three of musical shows which treat the politically history of the United States as folklore. His three one-act musicals entitled cousins, Brothers and Sisters and Parents (libretti by Phyllis Bruce, in light of the New Testament), were debuted 1999-2001 at South Church, Middletown, with a huge cast (running in age from four to eighty), artists, gamelan and a six-piece band. A modified, extended form of cousins was created in March 2004. Bruce has additionally formed two one-act musical dramas, five concerti, other symphonic creations, console works, more than 250 solo melodies, a progression of Grand Duos for fluctuates solo instruments and piano, pieces for tape with and without live exhibitions, and substantial scale chamber works. Commissions got incorporate works for Donald Nally and the Bridge Ensembles, the Claude Kipnis Mime Troupe, Stuart Dempster, Richard Blies, James Fulkerson, Larry Palmer, and Sandra Kopell. Two of bruce’s significant works, the oratorio Hugomotion and the second Violin Concerto, were appointed by the late Ruth Steinkraus Cohen. His fragrances and implications for sixteen solo voices was appointed by the London Sinfonietta and debuted at Queen Elizabeth Hall by London Voices, directed by William Brooks. On April 13, 1993, the 250th commemoration of the introduction of Thomas Jefferson, his sythesis for male chorale entitled Young T. J. was heard at Monticello, the Jefferson Memorial (with President and Mrs. Clinton in participation), at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, and communicate on the NBC Today appear, NPR’s Performance Today. What’s more, the Voice of America. Youthful T. J. was dispatched by the Virginia Glee Club, John Leipold, chief. The Pond for ensemble and symphony (message by Louise Gluck), was Commissioned for the fiftieth commemoration of the establishing of Indian Springs School. It was first performed on May 30, 2002 by the ISS Concert Choir and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, led by Tim Thomas. (Bruce is one of many recognized beneficiaries of the ISS Outstanding Alumnus Award.) Other commissions incorporate Leon’s Invasion for soloists and six theremins, dispatched by Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors; and Tunes ‘n’ Timbres ‘n’ Time: A History of western Music and the Organ, a sixteen development work charged by St. Bartholomew’s Church, New York City, and debuted by William Trafka. His “stone phantasmagoria” for four voices and tape, The Plague: A Commentary on the Work of the Fourth Horseman, was dispatched by Electric Phoenix and performed ordinarily in the United States, Europe, and at celebrations in Huddersfield and Newcastle (UK). The Plague, and Bruce’s different works for this virtuoso group – Eight Ghosts (Michael McClure) and the Dream of the Other Dreamers (Walt Whitman)- – have been discharged on CD by mode. Five of the Eight Ghosts were performed by Electric Phoenix at IRCAM is Paris. Other critical exhibitions incorporate the debut in Amsterdam of Paul Goodman Settings, sung by Charles Van Tassel; three developments of Orion Rising: First Album for Orchestra played by the Hartford Symphony; Pink Music: First Album for Organ, played by Wesleyan University organist Ronald Ebrecht; Wild Oysters II for electric cello, played by Jeffrey Krieger, and 4 + 1 for string group of four and piano, performed in Holland, Canada and the United States byt the Mondriaan Quartet, with the writer at the Keyboard. Bruce formed unique music for three documentaries coordinated by Rocky Collins and delivered for National Public Television’s The American Experience. He has made and organized the scores for two documentaries about African Americans in Connecticut, created by Connecticut Public Television and coordinated by Karyl Evans. His score for Nook Farm: Mark Twain’s Neighbor-hood,

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