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Paige Camerlin
COMM 340-42
January 29, 2018 

Industry Research 
Marketing communications managers oversee and direct advertising in a company and manage public relations activities for non-profit entities or businesses. Allocating company resources to maximize collaboration as well as enhancing efficiency and creativity in the workplace are also key parts of the job. Keeping branding consistent and staying informed on industry trends are also major roles as a marketing communications manager. The projected job growth from 2014-2024 is approximately 9% for all marketing managers. Specifically, focusing on the company Nike, the firm “showed quarterly Revenue growth in the second quarter 2017 with 4.57% from the second quarter a year ago, to $8.55 billions, underperforming overall market Revenue improvement of 13.81%.” According to the company’s report in 2017, Nike had its slowest quarterly sales growth in nearly seven years; this could be a result of increasing competition from Adidas. For fiscal 2015, which ended May 31, Nike generated $30.6 billion. Nike is “promising to add $20 billion over a five-year period. It took Nike 13 years to grow from a $10-billion business to $30-billion athletic retailer. That fast-pace growth should also help Nike continue to climb on the Fortune 500 list. It ranked at #106 last year, up from #115 the prior year.”
Marketing and Communication teams at Nike help the brand set their aesthetic and tone. The teams monitor and motivate the creative force of specialists, while portraying and emphasizing advertising on Nike’s background of innovation and sport. Along with advertising, methods such as brand strategy, digital engagement and product presentation are all used to communicate the company’s message. The marketing and communication teams intertwine art with the science behind Nike innovations and convey it to athletes and sports wear/ equipment consumers around the world by retail stores, digital platforms, and social media. 
Nike’s 2017 Annual Report read “For NIKE, FY17 was about making aggressive moves, all with the goal of igniting accelerated, long-term growth. Over the past year, we’ve reimagined our entire business—from design, to merchandising, to marketing—to serve every consumer completely.” The company planed on the release of  Consumer Direct Offense, which would allows them help and assist the customer in a more personal fashion while still managing to make it large scale. The release of the Consumer Direct Offense puts their “Triple Double strategy into practice, transforming three core areas of our business: the cadence and impact of innovation; the speed of the supply chain that delivers it; and the marketplace where we connect with consumers.’ The company has a bold vision and they rely on their marketing communication teams to portray it to the consumers and public. 
Nike is a global company. In 2015, the firm went public about their plan for broader expansion in its developed geographies (North America, Western Europe, and Japan) aiming at an additional $3.0-3.5 billion of annual revenue. Nike is investing deeply in its “developing market geographies (Greater China, Central & Eastern Europe, and Emerging Markets) targeting low double-digit growth and an additional $3.0-3.5 billion of annual revenue by the end of fiscal 2015.”
I am most interested in the marketing communication teams at Nike. Their teams are dedicated to the goals of the company and portraying them to the consumers worldwide. The Nike work benefits read: ” When you join NIKE, Inc., you’re part of the family. To inspire greatness inside and outside work, we invest in our culture and offer employees competitive health, financial, security and work-life benefits. From opportunities for career development to personalized benefit options, we want all who join our team to realize their full potential.” The company offers many work benefits as well as training and opportunities for career development.  Nike as a brand presents itself extremely well. They have ads which are all-inclusive; targeting all different types of people (gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.), and don’t discriminate any consumers from their products. When it comes to the company’s ethics, things aren’t so transparent. Jeff Ballinger is an activist who published a report in 1991, revealing the low wages and poor working conditions in Nike’s Indonesian factories. The brand quickly became the subject of a campaign by United Students Against Sweatshops. Nike didn’t respond to these issues until the brand fell under increasing pressure. Nike eventually made some changes by “improving its monitoring efforts, raising the minimum age of workers, and increasing factory audits.” Since this incident, Nike has been praised for its efforts. The Business of Fashion reported that the brand successfully removed their bad image and was a “recognized sustainability leader.” Morgan Stanley, a global financial service, called Nike “the most sustainable apparel and footwear company in North America for environmental and social performance, including its labor record.” Nike, like many other companies and organizations, has faced an issue with ethics; and may face another in the future. Avoiding situations like these can be crucial for a company so that they don’t tarnish their brand image and lose consumers. 
According to Fortune, Nike predicts that their company will reach $50 billion in sales by 2020. While this goal is ambitious, it is very possible for the company because their industry has a positive growth outlook. The target was promised by “Chief Executive Mark Parker at an investor presentation held at Nike’s corporate headquarters in Oregon. It implies a roughly 10% compounded annual growth rate.” The company also plans to put more focus into women’s apparel and gear, as well as continuing their innovative technologies. 
Working for Nike would entail both challenges and opportunities for myself. For challenges, I would be going up against a vast amount of people who also have incredible skills, credentials, and talents. Staying current with technological advances could be challenging. For opportunities, the sky is the limit. Working at a company like Nike would allow me to use my creative and innovative side. Since the firm is so large, there are always new ideas and concepts being generated, and I would love to be a part of that environment. Nike’s marketing and communication teams sound like they could be the perfect fit for not only my personality and interests, but my skillsets as well. I’m a leader by nature and have a natural talent for organizing and planning. Along with that, I am very creative person and always think outside of the box. Combining these skills together puts me in the perfect position to be a marketing communications manager at Nike. 

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