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Product in the Marketing Mix of Birkenstock:

Birkenstock is a global
headquarters, production, and logistics all through the German footwear
manufacturing organization. Birkenstock has been made of high-quality items
that promote and keep up the natural functions of the feet. Not at all like
most stylish fashion shoes in the market, Birkenstock does not concentrate on
the appearance of the design, Birkenstock offers practicality regarding
wellbeing, protection, and functionality. In Birkenstock, they utilize the
highest quality leather as well as textile materials to keep the wearer’s feet
warm and dry. They also consider customers who searching for animal-free
products by offering their proprietary synthetic material Birko-Flor®.
Birko-Flor® is produced utilizing the best materials that are gentle on the
skin, tear-proof and simple to look after. Moreover, Birkenstock has
additionally made an extensive variety of footwear, these footwears are in such
brands as BIRKENSTOCK, Papillio, and Betula under. These brands have a similar
state of shaped, natural cork and latex footbed design, but different in the
materials and style decided for the uppers. Other than that, Birkenstock shoes
incorporate a molded cork and rubber hybrid footbed. Their footbed is made of
natural cork, natural latex, jute, and suede, which is used as the top layer.
These are high-quality and renewable natural materials derived from
maintainable sources. They are joined together during the production process.
Furthermore, their technology footbed resembles a flexible foam mattress that
structures the wearer’s feet conveniently to fit the shape of the wearer’s

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Place in the Marketing Mix of Birkenstock:

Birkenstock sells its shoe
products through a large number of outlets worldwide. Birkenstock has opened 11
branches in Malaysia. These branches act as retail stores, while manufacturing
of Birkenstock takes place in its manufacturing facilities in Germany.
Furthermore, Birkenstock is using the retail distribution strategy such as
exclusive distribution, which is the use of only single retail store in a given
geographic. Nickels, W.G., McHugh, J.M. & McHugh, S.M. (2016).
Understanding Business (11th ed.). Other than that, customers also can purchase
Birkenstock through the Birkenstock’s official online store or Malaysia based
Birkenstock online store. Thus, the supply chain of Birkenstock is:

1.    Manufacturing
> Birkenstock outlets > Ultimate customers

2.    Manufacturing
> Birkenstock’s official online store > Ultimate customers


Promotion in the Marketing Mix of Birkenstock:

Birkenstock has always believed
that their high-quality materials, their comfortable footbed and the simple
principles of the health and wellness become a strong market policy to promote
their brand name in the international market as well as in Malaysia market.
Therefore, Birkenstock has not done a lot of marketing. Other than that,
Birkenstock practices an environmentally friendly business strategy to attract
the customers. They utilize the environmentally friendly cork and rubber with
the use of solvent-free adhesives. Moreover, Birkenstock has begun to pay
attention to the reduction in the use of energy consumption and reducing carbon
emissions, but it seems that some of its proposed processes have not been
implemented. Although these efforts are brilliant, exact goals and clear
reports will improve the company’s score in this category.


Price in the Marketing Mix of Birkenstock:

Birkenstock’s products usually
have a higher price due to their high quality of materials in producing the
products. Moreover, their targeted market is upper-middle-class consumers,
which can afford the price of their products. Other than that, their price
represents their brand reputation, their higher prices of products show that
their products are high branded.



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