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The issue of gender equality has been the most common discussion
in today’s generation especially in the media sources. A gender equality is also
known as one of the most important ethical norm that should be followed by all
members of society. Men and women vary in communications styles in all kind of
different ways just by listening to someone talk about a friend of theirs. By
the way they interact with them, and the message that they send you can figure
out if it is male or female. From the beginning of recorded history women have
suffered struggles and argument whenever they attempt to be in control of
decisions that affected their lives. Men were always the strong leaders and
warriors, while women were the homemakers and housewives. This division of
labor in family and community resulted in men having control over women’s
actions. One of the movies that I watched is Victoria
and Victor. It’s
about a girl named Victoria who struggles to find work in the nightclubs of
1930s Paris. While trying to scam a free meal, Grant meets cabaret performer
Toddy, who comes up with an idea which is Victoria’s identity changed. She only
acted female when she was performing.

Even though people thought Victoria was a
male, her male friends have crush on her.

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The following will discuss some of the
gender issue in the world.


From all the discussing above, gender
issue is obviously an urgent problem in the world. Despite that fact that its
volume much decreases, it is still exists and makes a lot of people suffer its
consequences every day. There are many reasons leading to gender
discriminations which cannot be solved easily. For example from “Raymond’s run”
Squeaky treated differently because she stands up for her brother and win
races. Squeaky was doing manly activity such as running. Her neighbor judges
her for not doing any housework and for acting manly. However, with education
and progressive thoughts of people, there are also reasons to trust in the
future of gender in equality being stopped. Then, hopefully, people can live in
fairness no matter what gender they are. 

Men hiding their emotions inside isn’t
equal to women who are encouraged to express their emotions. In the UK, suicide
is the biggest killer of men between the ages of 20-49 years. Who knows if all
of those suicides are because of gender issues, but there is no denying that
being ashamed to show their emotions and to ask for help is a causes in that. A
giant leap towards ending gender inequality and issues would be to end gender


In today’s society, it is still hard being a woman rather than being a
man. Not only women have hard time looking for jobs and being equal in the
workforce, but women are still judge because they are simply women. Although in
today’s society women and men are not that different in their roles in life,
women can do about all of their jobs that men are able to do. The only problem
is that they seem to be getting paid less. For example from Victoria
and Victor. Victoria was doing better in her career
when people thought she was a man because of gender inequality. Her fan kept
growing Gone are the days when women only had to stay home and be the house

Women are slowly entering
many fields that men are usually abundant in such as: lawyers, doctors,
mechanics, police and also military they fight for gender issues. It’s
everyone’s issue. Men need to stand up next to women. 



Some of the gender issue in the world are
treated differently for being who you are, different wages, hard to find jobs.
Some people still think girls are weak and can’t do heavy work.
















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