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The impact of successful cybercrime
includes financial losses, theft of identity and loss of trust. The overall
impact on society and government is about billions of dollars a year. Top two
countries with highest rate of cybercrime are United States of America,
China and Brazil. According to Steve Morgan,
consumers in U.S. thinks that storing their credit and banking data in cloud is
not safe in fact it is as risky as driving without a seat belt. The above
statement was considered true by Symantec report. Symantec Corporation is an
American software company. The Symantec report states that in the previous
year, consumers lost around $158 billion to cybercrime. And if talk about only
U.S. then the amount is nearly $30 billion. First case of cybercrime in U.S.
was revealed in 1999 by Newsweek. It all started in 1998 and was resulted in
thousands of stolen documents having confidential information about American
military technologies. The Russia was blamed in these attacks but there was a
lack of proves.

China, the number of cybercrime is growing as well as the size of group who
commit those crimes. One of the most popular cybercrime is “Public System” such
as who communicates with students. There was an incident took place in china
which had a very bad impact. One girl went for an admission in a university and
she gave her entrance exam after that she received a call from someone else
saying that she has got admission in university but has to pay an amount for
security purposes. And she did so but then she came to know that the call was
fake and she felt really bad for her family as she belongs to a poor family. In
result of this incident she committed suicide. Cybercrime is a crime which not
only affects person’s money, identity, bank accounts or social media accounts
but it also goes to a level of self-harm and affects peoples life.

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has been rated third most popular country on cybercrimes. One of the biggest
fear of Brazilians is banking malware. According to the research by Febraban
from 2013 (Brazilian Bank Federation) it has shown that 51% of financial
operations occurred that year were done by online banking and mobile banking
applications. Just because of Brazilian internet users who does not know how to
deal with such issues, the country has been targeted for banking cyberattacks. Also,
a report by Kapersky from 2014 has shown that 6.5% of banking and financial
cybercrimes in the world took place in Brazil, and 20% of users attacked by
malware in the country were affected by financial malware.

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