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Tokyo is the capital, largest and the most
popular city in Japan. It is always visited
by thousands of tourists across the globe. It’s a buzzing important city with
the most creative people as its residents. There is a strange mixture of
traditionalism and modernity in the city which captures the attention of a lot
of tourists.

city is well-known for its latest technology and gadgets. It is evident from
the tech appreciative generation walking on the streets. Electronic gadgets get outdated easily in this city. In spite of
this modern image, it has a deep cultural core.

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city is famous for its public transport system. The mass transit system is
extensive and is known for its precision timing. Prepaid fare cards offer the
best fares for frequent commuters as well as visitors. The city is known to be
expensive, densely populated and short of space. The first set of things that strikes
visitors when they visit this city are the tall skyscrapers, streets buzzing
with people and neon lights flashing everywhere. But the city has much more to

must not forget the Tokyo international airport which is the gateway to the
capital city of Japan. Despite its name, the airport is primarily a domestic
airport. It handles only domestic flights thou
the airport is still categorized as a first-class airport.

International Airport was formerly the main airport of Tokyo. It shares its
position now with its rival Narita airport. Narita International Airport is
where most of these international flights land. No doubt, Tokyo airport remains
the busiest airport in Asia that services flights to and from Seoul, Hong Kong,
and Shanghai. The airport comprises two passenger terminals for domestic
traffic and one international terminal. Some of the major airlines that operate
flights to Tokyo are Air Canada, British Airways, and US Airways.

In most
cases, your flight to Tokyo is going to be the biggest expense of your trip,
you can save a lot of money by knowing how the travel industry works and
spending some time searching for best rates from different Airfare Search

you are also looking for flights tickets and want to enjoy the attractive
places in Tokyo, you might book an online Tokyo flights. You need not be
worried about expensive airfare as many online travel sites have come up with
Tokyo flights with discounted airline tickets. It has become very easy to book
cheap flights at the corner of your home. The Internet has made it very easy.
All you have to do is to do some research on the internet and find out what
time these airline tickets offer discount deals.

the city is not really busy from January through March as the tourists have
usually gone away after witnessing the gallant celebrations of the New Year. The
weather is usually cold during this period.

Narita International airport is where the cheap airlines to Tokyo land from
around the world. To travel across the city, you may make use of the public
transport systems which is very organized and efficient.


wide variety of hotels are available to the tourists from all walks of life.
Majority of these hotels are located in the vicinity of tourist spots and
shopping centers. Besides this, the hotels also provide easy access to Tokyo
international airport and Narita airport.

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