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Weddings – the word itself flushes us with admiration. Wedding attire – now that gives us a chill ofexcitement. At least, it does for the Brides! Your grand affair definitely needs a head turner and the firstthing you’d want to steal the spotlight is you on your intricately designed gown. But picking out the righttype of attire is necessary to suit all those themes, traditions and definitely your personality. And theconstantly changing trends in dresses absolutely need to be given thought because long gone is the timewe all stuck to the ideal fairytale gown.Here’s a simple guide to picking out the right dress along with the hidden meanings of the colours youmay be opting for – because, after all, white isn’t the only colour in this boundless world!The Ultimate Picks of Traditional BridesA-Line GownAs the fad of ball gowns have subdued, traditional brides, however, have been still opting for dresseswith flared skirts and tight bodices but now with the added touch of 3D embellishments or heavy,timeless embroidered laces.SareesTraditional sarees are a timeless classic and are still designed with various types of falls and blouses – beit either a simple 6 yard saree or a Kandyan saree. Traditional, yet contemporary – these sarees havebecome popular among brides who wish to preserve their customary visions.Now Trending!JumpsuitsBreaking the norm of a typical wedding gown, jumpsuits have challenged stereotypes with its growingadmirers. From magazine covers to the most iconic celebrity weddings, a jumpsuit is sure to be spottedon the bride.CapesOften paired with jumpsuits, brides are now desiring to feel majestic with princess-inspired capesflowing royally behind them instead of a long train. To the dreamy brides out there – you want adramatic wedding dress? Then you definitely need to consider a cape attached to your gown to bringout the inner Snow-White on your big day – Be it short, middy or even as long as you deem it to be. It’stime to bid goodbye to veils and put on your floaty, mystic cape like a Queen!JacketsNot the type to be a fairytale princess as everyone else? Then jackets it is! You may never get to wearyour wedding dress again after your nuptial, but this jacket is certainly something you can carry aroundwherever you go. Pair it off with a charming lace wedding gown and see the beauty staring back at youon the mirror.Detached SleevesYes – sleeves are back in trend. Time and again, designers have been obsessed with showing off thesharp features of a bride’s collar and this led to off-shoulder dresses being well-favoured. But theincrease in brides opting for this particular style has lessened the specialty of it and this is exactly whydetached sleeves have become a craze as it gives the look of an off-shoulder gown while actually beingsleeveless. And, oh! – It comes in all different styles like bouffant, sheath-like and even lacy.Colours and their SymbolismsWhite – Innocence, purity, goodness and light. White can also represent a desire for simplicity and afresh beginning.Ivory – Elegant and luxuriant, ivory can have the same symbolism as white but however, it is moretraditional and flattering to most skins than pure white.Red – Love, energy, excitement and passion. The love for red can express optimism and an open-nature.Yellow – Wisdom, happiness and intellectual energy. Yellow is an adventurous colour to the ones whoare driven and focused.Orange – Joy, enthusiasm and optimism. This is a colour that is more appealing to the fun-loving people.Pink – Innocence, purity, childishness and good health. Pink is normally linked to the femininity of awoman.Blue – Associated with the shades of aqua and the ocean, the shades of cerulean represent calmnessand sedateness in addition to life and purity, just as the sea does.Gold – Wealth, luxury and good health. This extravagant colour has been on a rise as brides now want toadd opulence to the wedding with this colour.Black – Elegance and class. Black is an uncommon colour for a bride yet those who pick this one outundeniably know that power, sophistication and mystery lie behind it.

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